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Hippocrates believed that effective health care should not be separated from nutrition. There should be a balanced diet with a moderate and sensible lifestyle. With the ever-rising pollution every day, we hear a new disease name. Since most of the man had drifted away from nature with an increasing materialistic lifestyle, it desensitized them. We eat processed junk food that has no nutritive value, breathe air thick with exhaust fumes. Drink toxic carbonated beverages, and lead sedentary lives. This has been plagued with different kinds of problems are regular intervals. No matter our problem, diabetes, blood pressure, premature aging, or others, with a safe, natural, and enjoyable lifestyle, we can overcome it. We should take care of our own and our family’s health ourselves. With little care and the right information in regulating our dietary habits and lifestyle, we could lead to a healthy body and a sound mind.


The primary thing that is an integral part of our life is food, and it gives energy, builds, and repairs the body. For living a better life, we should enhance our bodies first. There are widespread health problems, notably heart disease, obesity, cancers, and digestive disorders. The damaging pattern of the modern diet is embedded in social and industrial development — there is increased consumption of processed, high sugar, and high-fat foods, which are considered luxuries. Improving health leads to better thinking, sharpens senses, and elevates consciousness. It is believed that nature is essential for life and that regular contact with nature is necessary to enjoy the finest health and well-being. We can practice some daily practices which help create a more stable as well as a pleasant lifestyle. Below are some healthy habits we can try to develop:

1. Develop a habit of eating only when you are hungry.

2. Chewing food properly is important for good digestion and absorption of nutrients.

3. Eating in an orderly as well as a relaxed manner is necessary. Sitting in good posture and even expressing gratitude for the food is a good habit.

4. It is better to leave the table satisfied but not full. Eat as many times as you need and in a proportional amount correctly.

5. Drink a moderate amount of liquids. Start the day with a warm glass of water or with honey as well.

6. Avoid eating at least 2 to 3 hours before sleeping for the deepest and most restful sleep. It also helps in better digestion.

7. Try to avoid lengthy hot baths or showers because they can deplete minerals and weaken the effect. Consider baths or showers with a moderate temperature. In case of fatigue after bathing, you can try a small cup of shoyubancha or miso soup for filling your energy.

8. Avoid chemically perfumed products and use cosmetics or cleaning products made from natural, non-toxic ingredients.

9. Try to wear more cotton clothes, especially undergarments. Using synthetic or woolen clothing directly on the skin is not a good idea. And also, don’t use too many accessories on the fingers, wrists, neck, or other body parts.

10. Walking barefoot on the grass, beach, and soil for half an hour every day, getting plenty of fresh air helps increase the circulation of fresh oxygen.

11. Include activities like walking, yoga, martial arts, dance, meditation, and exercise.

12. Keeping home in good order and taking more care of areas, especially where food is prepared and served.

13. Scrub and massage the body with a hot, damp cotton towel or flannel can revitalize the blood and stimulate blood circulation. Eventually, scrub the arms, fingers, legs, and hands.

14. Try not to use excessive electric gadgets like electric cooking devices such as ovens or cooking ranges.

15. Using earthenware or stainless cookware is beneficial rather than the Teflon-coated pots or aluminum pots.

16. Don’t spend much time on Television and computer display units. Protect yourself from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields. You can use protective shields over the screen and even other safety devices.

17. Greeting people, as well as animals, happily with appreciation, is a good act.

18. Expressing thanks to family members initiates and maintains regular correspondence with them.

19. It can be better to enlarge your friend's circle by including people from different lifestyles.

20. As the phrase goes sharing is caring. Share food with people around you like food prepared in large quantities is substantial, and the habit of sharing is a universal gesture of human kindness and brotherhood.

21. You can even try to develop a dedication to aid and support those who look to us for guidance.

22. Separate some time for peace and relaxation. Develop some hobbies like drawing, painting, gardening, singing, etc.

23. Try to eliminate sugar and sugary food as much as possible.

24. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Vegetarianism:

As vegetarian diets are lower than non-vegetarian diets in terms of total fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol, there is a high chance of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases. A vegetarian diet could be healthy and nutritionally adequate when it is properly planned. Vegetarians have lower chances of blood cholesterol and also a reduced risk of coronary artery diseases. There is a low chance of obesity and fewer digestive problems.

They must plan their diet well because eating fruits, vegetables, or grains are not nutritionally complete as protein should also be a part of the diet. Beans, nuts, peas, and much other vegetarian food protein and should be eaten in a particular combination to provide the body with complete protein. For instance, beans and rice should be eaten together to gain complete protein, but they won't benefit if eaten in isolation. For calcium, eating sesame seeds, milk/ coconut milk, and green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are useful. Likewise, the iron and other vital nutrients are better absorbed when combined with vitamin C: squeezing some lime on the food makes it absorb more nutrients.

Foods that De-stress:

Psychological stress activates the adrenal glands to discharge stress hormone, called cortisol, which helps to survive the stress but is dangerous to the body. When a person is exposed to prolonged stress, there are chances of depression, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and other immune disorders. A person with a disturbed mind cannot have a healthy body. People who stress eat more than normal and can begin in people as young as 20. Stress is the root of our illness, physically and mentally. When the mind is disturbed, the body will not gain benefits from the food. The body needs more nutrients as they are burned up faster than usual. Stress increases the demand for Vitamin A, B-complex, C and Proteins, magnesium, antioxidants, and essential oils. Hence eat food such as:

Vitamin A: fish liver, egg yolk, fortified margarine, oily fish, oranges, apricots, carrots, tomato, melons, and dark leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C: citrus fruits like oranges, lime, potatoes, tomatoes, and leafy vegetables.

Magnesium: nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, milk, and dark green leafy vegetable.

Proteins: i. Animal proteins: meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products ii. Plant proteins: Grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and sprouted seeds.

Antioxidants: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green tea, chamomile tea, vegetables, fruit juice, etc.

Now let’s look at a few food items that can help to cure the problem:


Healing food

Protective food


Cucumber, honey, suckle(flower), carrots, watermelon.

Similar to healing food


Red meat life Beef, Leafy Vegetables

Similar to healing food

Blocked Nose

Spinach, Peppermint




Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower


Hyacinth Beans, pepper



Potato, walnut, Almond, sesame oil, banana


Banana, pine nut, ginger





Food poisoning/ Diarrhea

Ginger, spring onion, garlic, apple, lychee, chestnut, cinnamon, tea, rice, Hyacinth, beans, Kang Kong, Rambutan



Milk, chili, Sugar can juice



Celery, Kang Kong, Pepper


High blood pressure

Water chestnut

Similar to healing food


Orange, carrot, hyacinth beans


Kidney deficit

Beef, leafy vegetables

Similar to healing food

Kidney stones

Kiwi fruit



Chinese water chestnut, ginger


Night blindness

Carrot, Chrysanthemum (flower), Chinese water chestnut

Similar to healing food

Poor appetite

Cabbage, potato, jasmine (flower), honey, rice, milk, ginger



Hyacinth beans, pepper


Shortness of Breath




Kang Kong

Similar to healing food

Sore throat

Peppermint, olive, ladyfinger


Foods that may contain Colourants:

1. Fruits juices

2. Soft drinks

3. Sweets

4. Desserts

5. Toppings

6. Syrups

7. Cooking oil, sauce, and pickles, etc., so be careful while selecting your food item and get the healthier one if necessary.

The way to happiness:

Happiness and true joy are valuable, and knowing it is within you is power. The ways towards a happy life could include:

1. Take care of yourself.

- Take care when you are ill

- Keep your body clean

- Preserve your teeth

- Eat properly

- Get rest

2. Be temperate

- Don’t take harmful drugs

- Don’t take alcohol to excess

3. Don’t be promiscuous

- Be faithful to your sexual partner.

4. Love and help children

5. Honor and help your parents

6. Set a good example for others

7. Seek to live with the truth

- Don’t tell harmful lies

- Don’t bear false witness

8. Don’t murder

9. Don’t do anything illegal

10. Don’t harm a person of a goodwill

11. Safeguard and improve your environment

- Take care of your area

- Help take care of the planet

- Take care of your appearance

12. Don’t steal

13. Be worthy of trust

- Keep your words once given

14. Fulfill your responsibilities

15. Respect the religious beliefs of other

16. Try not to do things to others which you would not like them to do to you

17. Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you

18. Flourish and prosper

19. Be productive and knowledgeable

- Look

- Learn

- Practice

To sum up, a healthy body and a sound mind are keys to a better life. Considering today's eating trends, modern lifestyle, and stress, most of us cannot live a better life. But with the rights information and little care in regulating dietary habits and lifestyle, we can help us enhance better life ahead.



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