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This section dates back to 2016 October, when we had our high school trip, and all pictures I took along the way back with my accumulation of previous thoughts and memory.

The most unforgettable and pleasuring traveling experience I had was visiting Sikkim-Darjeeling from my college Orchid Science College. The more I think about this, the more the adventures unfold. I was seventeen years old, and all my friends together made this small visit a lifelong experience. This experience was a total of seven days and six-night. The visit required about RS. 15000 from each of us, excluding our separate expenses. According to the residents, the time we visited was the most favorable time period, as the visit was at the end of October. It was freezing at that time though it was late summer or autumn, let’s say.

This is my most favorite picture from our travel diaries. The image was clicked at the Tsongo lake, which lies in east Sikkim, which may be about 40 kilometers from Gangtok.

This was what I received during the visit as an entrance. Though nobody checks it, it was proof that we visited the lake, and I somehow saved it for around 2 and a half years.

This is how it looks from the border area that is near the Tsungo lake. We have to travel all this way to get the lake view.

And the road leading to the lake was out of heaven, as I couldn’t explain. The hill ways and then the rocks on the side streets, pretty stones, and small waterfall moving across the road and then falling somewhere you couldn’t see. The view you see each time after you get near the destination is so far exciting as well as nerve-racking. However, it was quite a dangerous road journey.

This was my group, and we were feeling pretty and were hanging around as girls who wanna have fun.

The temperature was too cold, and we bought some caps along with a scarf, which I still have at a fair price. The wind was blowing too fast, ripping us apart, and we almost got frostbitten.

This has been a very memorable journey, something that was unforgettable. And this two is the picture of the Tsungo lake, which lies on the border of China. We could take the Yak rid, which is quite famous there but I didn’t do it as it was quite expensive and I was against the animal riding act and all.

This is an overview of Gangtok that we could see while you are on the cable, as you could take in the city height. The view sure is of the Capital, and the view was mesmerizing.

This is the Flori-culture center in Sikkim, where different flowers were grown. I saw lots of flowers which I had not seen in my life. The area was large and so beautiful, managing the right temperature for flowers, and it’s an attractive tourist destination with a ticket of only 10.

This was one of my favorite memory, and this fall was peacefully beautiful, with pretty print flags all over, making it more attractive.

This, in fact, was my favorite part as my friends were all busy clicking pictures. Perhaps I was the only one to realize and observe this pretty little rainbow. I was surprisingly blown away as the big untouchable rainbow in the sky often seen after the rain was right in front of me and of size, My hand stretched together can make.

This was a long and stunning waterfall with crystal clear water reflecting the sun’s lights and gracing its charm.

This is a famous Bakthang waterfall situated near Gangtok city at about 4 km from the capital. This area has a rope sliding for a grappling activity for fun purposes. As I heard once, the fall name means forest for the first halfword Bak and place for the other Thang, together with the meaning of natural forest origin.

This is almost how Eastern Nepal’s roadside looks: Green and beautiful with some dry river and some small fast-flowing lakes and rivers.

This is the view from the residential area in Sikkim at dusk.

This one shows the railway track which I saw before moving towards the West Bengal area. There are two routes as railway and vehicle and of which we preferred the vehicle, which was a bolero with a capacity of ten people.

These two images show the city view while you take the city drool on a taxi and get to the viewpoint to look at how the city looks.

This picture captures the stadium of Sikkim, where most of the Football matches were conducted. That day, too, we couldn’t make an international football match as it was not a part of our travel. However, the stadium side was surprisingly beautiful.

Similarly, this is the Darjeeling area’s Tea garden, which looks beautiful and a major tourist destination.

This is how the tea garden of Ilam looks as we view through our ride from all the way back from Darjeeling to Pashupatinagar, which is the border of Nepal and Darjeeling.

This lies on the way to Darjeeling all the way from the Sikkim. Exceptionally beautiful and famous with the praise of Sai Ram.

This is a huge statue of Lord Shiva, and it was one of the famous tourist destination full of religion in Darjeeling.

This is a look into how the Koshi river looked at that very day, flowing in its own direction as far as it could reach. This is how it looked from my bus window.

Moreover, we visited Darjeeling’s Tiger hill for an early sunrise view and even saw the train station of that area followed by beautiful markets and schools. I bought some pretty items from the Darjeeling market for a souvenir.

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