Eyes that Heal: The Boudhanath

Aditi poudel
Nov 18, 2021

The eyes of Boudhanath looks down on me
pigeons fly above the stupa
moves across me,
The sky so bright
I can see no clouds
The eyes stares right into me
no matter where I go;

The colorful stripes all around it
feels like the eyes plays hide and seek,
The winds moves around the stupa
and comes whirling around me
Oh lord, bless my heart
I stand at your door
the eyes that surround you on all sides
may heal me!



Aditi poudel

“Pashmina shawl around my neck, I fancy Jewelries and arts”; I look out from carved wooden windows — Near the AnkhiJhyal: https://www.aditipoudel.com.np/