Fire and the ice: A love story

Aditi poudel
2 min readJan 31, 2021


In an old village of ancient time
There lived a fire and ice.
Completely different alias,
Met one another every night.

More of a meeting at midnight
When both fall asleep on each side.
Strange how they met in dreams,
Bonded, and how fast time flies.

Both were happy in the distance,
Trying to reach out to other's side,
But time demanded patience to tie.
The god granted their wishes,
After a long time, the day had arrived —

When the fire would visit the ice
And waiting was to be over that night.
The fire traveled through the forest,
Happy and excited on his side.
However, he didn't realize it at all —
He burnt everything on the way that night.

The fire didn't look back,
Instead moved ahead to his ice.
There the ice traveled from the lake,
To meet her fire in the middle of the night.

The ice rushed fast, to be quick —
To meet her lover for the first time.
She didn't look back at all;
And she started melting, decreasing her dime.

Both fire and ice finally met after years,
They couldn’t stop emotions from flowing high.
Hugged one another immediately —
And the vapor started appearing in the sky;

Both knew together they won't last,
When one touches the other:
But the love made them complete,
And they forgot the whole world at that time.

The fire blazes became lower and lower,
And the forest fire stopped by:
The ice almost melted away,
Calming the fire — filled the lake hovering aside:

They both stood close to one another__
And both said goodbye —
The ice melted completely;
And then fire disappeared by;

Watching these two die that night
The residents of the old village cried.
It is late and time to sleep now, sweety —
And your mother wishes you goodnight!



Aditi poudel

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