Labor — A poetry

Aditi poudel
1 min readFeb 1, 2021

I dig the pit
It is too hot outside, so bright
The sweat flows down my face
When you all are having a good time,
I work for hours
All-day, a holiday is what I don’t know
My hard work is nothing for me
As I couldn’t even fill my hunger,
Will you tell me why?
I work so much
And gain too little,
When some of you do nothing
And have millions to pay your bills.
The salary I get out of work
I couldn’t stop my wife’s tear
I promised to give her the best
You would pity seeing how we live
But we are somehow happy together
With them, my world starts and ends.
I couldn’t send my kid to school
And have to bring to work with me,
Every day I wake up
Wishing I could do some earning
But God doesn’t pity me
My family goes to sleep without food,
I join my hand and head to work
With all my responsibility on my shoulder,
Which even carries a heavy iron load!



Aditi poudel

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