Butterfly learn to fly: A poetry

Aditi poudel
1 min readJan 29, 2021

Take those broken wings and learn to fly
Those wings need more strength to try.
So calm and free you stay.
Until your wings catch my way.

They seem like they are in a hurry,
So quick, so it’s all so burry.
May you have been somewhat hurt,
This little girl always seeks to flirt.

To which extent could I ask
How freely you move through the dusk!

How beautifully you manage to survive,
Giving away those pretty vibes.
There you go, my little creature,
Every day now would be an adventure.

Let us capture this lonely sight — Take that broken wing and learn to fly!

Like all the dreams I try to hold,
Does the pretty butterfly feel cold?
Whether it’s raining outside,
Or the sun’s out so loud.
The pretty butterfly fly above high,

Until it’s invisible to my beady eyes.

I will wait till the next spring arrives.
When I would make my wings and learn to fly!



Aditi poudel

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