Love: A poetry

Aditi poudel
1 min readJan 15, 2021

Do you wish to find me?

Search me inside your soul

Does my memory live there?

Where our love grows!

If you wish to see

Just close your eyes and come close

You will find me beside you

With a little lure and a hand to hold!

To find me take a little escape

Then take me to your heart

Your heart shall be my home

Forever that will last, you won’t be alone!

To find me you should be prepared

But there’s nothing you should do

A little grace in your heart

Trust, hope, and have faith!

And when you find me

Remember we have far to go

You may have a broken heart and broken dreams

But a hand to behold!

Place your hand near your heart

Know that I will stand by you

I have god inside my heart

And child you got some little work to do!

Know your story is written over the stars

Looking at the moon like you have never seen

I will love you forever and always my child

My baby you will be!



Aditi poudel

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