The heart that’s afraid!

Love when the terms come up it lightens up everything the sky that bright and blue the other day will be prettier when you have love in your heart, the sound of the rain you heard yesterday will warm your heart the wind that screwed your hair and made you feel cold something makes you smile. Everybody cherishes love, and yet they don’t understand what it actually means. The word carries a hundred meanings and yet is never understood. People say they are in love so mad. But do you really understand? The lovers in the park or the couple who lived together loved one another but was it real. I wonder how people fall in love quickly when they are eager to break it without knowing or even feeling it. I am no expert in these, but sometimes even I fear the term love. It s likes the flood that comes uninvited and leaves you with no idea, all you could see then is everything broken, and nothing is left then.
People say once a mirror breaks into pieces, it can never be glued together, but still, every piece of the mirror which has scattered itself on the floor gives the reflection when you look into it. Love is also the same. I guess it just takes the courage to collect those broken pieces and look into them; use the big piece among the broken pieces and smile again as maybe the image is smaller than but it still reflects, and the same is with our heart if we manage to get that piece.
The old couple said, “ love is just a word you see, sweetie just a word to make humans feel good. In fact, it is tender care you show to someone who you admire the most in the world. They become special when you love them because their existence matters to you. They hold each other’s hand as if that hand fits perfectly with each other than any other person in the world. The smile they bring in your life is because of their smile, and you could die for it for a second. It’s love when you have a big day, and you get them on your mind first out of any other in the world. When the clock is moving fast, but you still call to say hello. Love is, in fact, nothing but the security that you feel as if the world was on fire and nobody could save you except them.”
The couple continued to say, “ you know when you accept each other the way you are with the flaws you have, then you should know you found it.. you found love for you. It is okay to cry when it’s not okay doesn’t make you brave when you keep it to yourself, and it’s okay to feel bad someday as it only happens because you matter to them. We all have our weaknesses, and nobody’s perfect. So love is to surrender yourself and believe that it will always remain. You should carry no ego as it only makes your heart heavy, as you should know joys and sorrow really make a life. Love is when you stay by their side and don’t have to utter any word as you have already found the heaven on earth when you look in their eyes and wish, a good night every night.”
Love sure resides in all of our hearts. All we need is a little courage and the willingness to take a chance and build heaven on earth……
And I still wonder, do people really love or enjoy the idea of being in love?



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