Sakura: A poetry

Aditi poudel
2 min readJan 30, 2021

One, two, three I count years go by,

Hoping my love will come true,

One warm evening for sure,

Watching the flower blooming that night,

Under the sky full of twinkling stars,

With the magical light of fireflies.

Listening to the gentle song of chirping birds,

“Oh, my darling, with a ticklish foot at the ford.

Do you believe we will meet?

On a hot summer day or when we have freezing feet?

Is it when the magic of spring is over the sky?

Or when autumn leaves bid a goodbye.

They say, “Great things start with little love,”

Can we walk in love?

You can call me a fool, baby,

Walk with me under the sun.

Or when raindrop falls over our body

When your mesmerizing soul keeps me stun.

Can we stay here?

Under the cherry blossoms tree

Welcoming the beautiful burst of color

Together, forever in your arms

Place one of the light pink sakura in my hair.

Before it drops to the ground and withers.

Please hold my hand and walk with me,

Leaving footprints in a fresh layer of snow.

Allow the cool air effortlessly pass away,

Just you and me, along with the snowstorm.

Mystical snowflakes are flying around

Falling and blanketing the ground.

Let’s get lost with an earthy aroma,

Near the old waterfall with sparkling sight.

Tell me what life is for you?

How is life bonafide?

When the water power-downs the rocks,

With hummingbirds passing by.

I see trails to some sweet endings,

It's heaven on earth with you.

It’s more than just a feeling,

It’s a dancing heart,

I want to share my love,

Build a home for us, if it’s with you!



Aditi poudel

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