the child in my eyes

Pondering in the thoughts somewhere in my own world I wonder what’s my child gonna be. One day I will be blessed with kids and that would be the best thing that will ever happen to me. The little foot and little hands on my arms I will look at that pretty child and hold them close to me. But only giving birth is not enough, I must raise them and make sure to raise them into a better person as well as someone with their own identity. Forever in my doubts about how good I will be and questioning will I succeed in being a good mother and then I finally understand that being a good mother is not only about being good but also an inspiration or model for your children.

There is always a child inside of us and I will make sure my child will get to feel that child inside of me. Perhaps their’s life is my hand as a child is just like raw clay.

One day I saw a man working in the pottery making vessels: those lovely vessels and the work he put into making that beautiful plus strong vessels strike my mind remarking- soft touch and good investment can shape the child. Just like those clay we should take them in our arms and caress them with love and nurture them keeping in mind that we should know what they like and what they don’t.

I shall tell them a story and say that was written in stars and are often meaningful. Those funny jokes and lovely fairy tales will be told and I will make sure my child likes them. They should know it’s important to move ahead in life with smart work and good acknowledgment without troubling others. When my child face failure I don’t want them to give up while I want them to learn from their mistakes. The mistakes should not indulge other’s life. The child should know making mistakes is not bad and the mistakes should not be big bad mistakes which can ruin else life. While moving ahead I want them to climb the uphill without pulling the one in the front while without pushing the one in the back. I want them not to doubt their existence and be proud of who they are: as every individual is special in this world. They should not be jealous of others’ progress and should not over-praise at their own victory.

The image is an imagination something that may occur in the future and I will be blessed with a small kid who will grow into an individual by learning and living this beautiful life. That day looking in my child’s eye as a young mother I will know the pleasure that is so pure and without any greed. One thing I know is a child learns by observing: they gain and learn a lot by what they see and where and how they were grown. We should make sure we are free and even strictly conscious of our children.

If I want my child to read then I should not invest in teaching them at that very early age rather than I could take a book and read by myself. That young mind will then watch me maybe and try to imitate me. The child learns a lot from their up bringers so that’s my duty to not only care about my child but also work on me because my child is somehow an impression of me as well. The discipline that I set up for my child should be already inside me. Working into making a good child requires being a good mother as well.

Parenting is an important issue which we should deal with in a good and light way perhaps keeping in mind that we must love our children no matter how they are and be a cornerstone of love. It’s okay if your child is not talented or maybe poor in studies, scolding them won’t be a good idea. You should try and make the child interested in what he is doing. We can opt for painting, dancing or singing or sports and science because every child is unique and we must cooperate and support our child in finding what matters to them.

For me, I want to do canvas with my young child later with all those paints on our hands. Plants beautiful flowers in the yard with them along with getting ready to capture every moment of our life together in our life. Play games with them on the ground even when I may not be good while going for a little jog with those tiny feet beside me. Teach them to respect everyone starting by myself always respecting others and tell them it’s okay to be who you are and how you look because it’s good to be comfortable in your own’s skin. I want to buy them pretty clothes and play around the home corridor. Eat together, go out with families often with a little speaking before they go to sleep by wrapping up in my arms, and then only they would know how much I love them perhaps.

I don’t want my child to be a doctor or an engineer or a pilot or else as I want my child to be a better person. A person with a good soul and a helping hand. They should know how to work together as they must realize the left hand requires their own right hand to help them while their one hand can change anyone else life too. The one who knows how to live life and enjoy every glance of light that falls under their eyes and Yes! That’s the child in my eyes.

Thank you!



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