What if the difference between what we see and what we feel has a fine line of separation. A lot of things around us make us feel something and often lead to some desirable memories. We connect with every object around us: the world sure consists of artificial and natural objects meaning that we love what is already given to us, including what we created. The tendency to know and have something in the palm of your hands is sure to demand every human for centuries.

Either it’s tangible or intangible, we humans want all: what about the emotions and feelings? They are for sure intangible, meaning we can never touch what we feel but rather feel it. Emotions are just like colors that are as bright as a blue sky, whereas sometimes dark grey sky. The transactions between the blue bright sky to the dark, gloomy sky there exist several feelings. The feelings might be expressed as seasons change. Let’s see an example: Summer is hot, bright, and sunny, resembling a bright and happy mood. Spring is warm and beautiful, marked as a joyful memory as everyone feels joy, probably letting down the sorrows. Similarly, the fall is windy and rather a chill moment of the year, and what I feel is chilled out when I pass through the cold winds watching the brown leaves on the ground with some falling from the trees. When I catch the leaves falling on the ground where some cotton swaps flow, blowing far away, it reminds me that life does have separation, and we shall get away as we may have to be strong and thus be determined. Then the cold winter season, and we must get warm and save ourselves from cold: the cold mornings with snowfall in some parts of the world reminds me I must keep my heart safe and warm, protecting it from cold, which is, in fact, like protecting our emotions and not letting my heart turn cold. How can I even forget the monsoon season? That time does bring good memories, right?

So we can not deny that feelings are concurrent; thus, a man has concurrent feelings, which may make him run away sometimes while expressing it no matter whichever is around. Just like a hump of sand deposited at the edge of the river, we deposit our thoughts and emotions like deposited sand. The minute sand particle may be small, which makes a structure similar to our feelings, which we deposit in our unconscious mind and the conscious mind. There is no difference between the two-state of mind because we feel what we feel no matter what happens.

“The amount of feeling” now is what’s inside of me, which has a shape and is filled with a diversity of emotions marking I cry when I get low; disappointed with myself sometimes maybe with who am I someday and sometimes for what I cant be. It’s surprising how stuff circulates feelings around us like I love the object which does not even have a life as I may burst out when that very object seems lost and would not be found anymore around me. Since we can love the lifeless stuff so much and with all of our hearts, there is sure great love exists around us. Think we can love something which has no life to an extinct, then how much we can love someone who has a heart that breaths exactly like us.

Overall it’s important to feel, feel what we want to, and shape the mountain of emotions so that one day nothing can stumble the base of what we are. The amount of feeling is, in fact, a shape of me, the shape of what I am and the shape of what I have more to be.No matter what, this mount of emotions shall always remain kind and happy since the feelings are invincible teaching us so many things throughout our life!



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Aditi poudel

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