The one with food on the path!

Down on the road, people are walking along with the cart they own filled with few vegetables. Some seem green and fresh, and some looked pale as if it was moved around and checked by several other people trying to get themselves the best one from the lot. It is a sunny day with the sun too bright, which shall make you feel like you were kept in a low flame boiling pot. But still, they push their cart and follow the path that lies ahead of them. Then they call out to reach out to people trying to speak much louder so that every man at the corner of the road can hear them and come to buy some stuff. Trying to earn and make a sell of at least a thousand a day, they forget the sky with the sun so bright is turning dark and gloomy that it could rain so heavy and make him and all he got in his cart wet. They then stop at the point and hope someone would buy his vegetables, which will bring him a little money through which he will buy his/her family food later that night.

Then they get some visits finally but with the people bargaining for a minimal amount, which means nothing to them but a lot to that carter. He/she then sells a kilo of his fresh vegetables with a sad face where he couldn’t sell and gain the price he invested in harvesting and selling his precious vegetables. Neither could he take his vegetables without a sale, nor can he give it away. There lies a man who cannot get what he did, and a few customers get the vegetables for a week at a meager price while he/she invest thousands for unnecessary stuff without any negotiation. Why couldn’t one get that you could spend a thousand or more on your new pair of jeans without any words while you get the very fresh fruits/vegetables and every small requirement bargaining when it may cost less than a 50. That every person would want to buy half a kilo of fresh veggies, which is 40 rupees a kilo already in Rs.30 kilo with a loss of 10 rupees which is nothing for them and may leave the veggies complaining not to buy unless it is as they want. So it is essential to argue for what is necessary.

You can argue with a seller when he sells any of his vegetables/fruits over price than the value over the market but not when it is moderate, and you want to get it for the very less amount you can save a few rupees for next time you but them again.

Let's think about it and convey a thank you for that little necessity they fill in our lives. Everything is a process, and let's have a little more respect for that work they continue to do no matter how the weather is like; all they want is to go back home and share that money they earned, which fulfills their family's need.



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