The one with the broken words!

It was late winter night at around 7:10 PM when I left the school after the coaching class. As I headed towards my home, two little sixth grader girls adjoin me side by side as they used to walk back home with their new teacher, who was me.

As we got a little down from the school’s road, one of the girls waved at the two people who were waiting for her. It was her mom and her little brother. As we were walking, the little boy asked her sister who I was, but it surprised me because I didn’t hear a word.” She is my new teacher at the school, and she teaches science,” she replied. I smiled back at the kid, and he joined his hands and said namaste along with his broken words. I looked back at the girl, and she said,” He is mute and can’t speak as we do.

That for sure made me a pity that little boy at the very instinct, but even though the guy's little heart won my heart at the end of the day. The boy asked me how her sister was doing in her studies and requested me to teach her more as I could. Her mother added,” he loves her a lot, so he is asking you to take care of how she performs in school as he has never been there due to his disability. So he wants her sister to be the best.”

Listening to that, my heart melted, and I got emotional instantly for how that little boy understands almost everything at that very age. All I could do was wish him Good Luck by heart, and I added, “you are a great kid, and don’t forget to smile every day.” The kid smiled back at me and tried to speak with his sister and mother as we have reached the turning side of the road from where we head towards our home.

That kid taught me something for sure; you don’t have to speak the words for what you feel like the longer you feel good for someone. You love them with all of your heart, and turning them into words is always unnecessary!



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