Will she be loved?

Aditi poudel
3 min readFeb 11, 2021

Through the shadow through the light,

a girl pass by, wondering what life is

as she never heard the word in her time

gazing through the moon in the dark blue night!

The thoughts are now not so old and not so fresh as they are the old mixture of everything she had in her mind. The songs are old that she tunes by because she finds the soul hidden inside the old songs that once were sung in the present with feelings of love and pride. There is so much warmth in the flower she passes by the pink one, the white ones, and the ones covered in colors so bright seems like they welcome her the way she takes the ride by. The sky seems so calm, so promising and blue like the sun watching her do whatever she always does. The birds chirp and fly over her head, and there she is, asking, “Hey birdie, what's new with your feather hair?” and seems likes the bird's tunes backs at her and smiles at her. Then she moves around and sees the butterfly so beautiful and so versatile; they move around her and stays near the pretty flowers she saw before, and they wave goodbye.

Then the day passes with the little rain that she wished for a little time ago, showering the floras and faunas. That’s what little rain does. She takes out her umbrella, which her mother got but gets her hands wet to feel the rain falling away. Now, as she takes the way to her home, the rain stops with a rainbow. The sky now looks happier with the seven different colors aligned together, showing unity in diversity, and then she smiles yet then chooses her favorite color. Oh! Honey, that’s what little girls always seem to do. Now the sun comes out brighter, and the clouds fade away. With the water cycle being completed, the sun wakes again.

When she gets all her work done at the end of the day, she lays on her bed for a tiny-tiny nap with little love all over her head. As soon as her eyes get closed, she sees nothing but the darkness, and the more she holds in it, it grows darker. She wakes up in fear because she even had a busy day and says,” Alas! What's wrong with me?” Now the happy girl turns sad, moves her feet out of bed, and marches towards the gate's end. She sees dark blue sky with stars and moon and how they looked and tries to smile, saying,” Hey little girl see the sky so dark yet so bright because of the moon and stars, and yes, there is happiness even in the dark side.” Suddenly while the girl was peeking through the gate, the sky now seems in a haze; the stars are now no more visible, and the moon slowly loses its shape. The moment seemed like the darker clouds were on wars and invaded the territory marking the area there. Now all she can see is a plain dark, gloomy sky, just like she had when she covered her eyes. Now the Happy girl is no more happy, taking the only one sad thing that happened at the end of the day. She now questions everything, everything that ever happened to her: taking her all ways back to the very last thought-WILL I EVER BE LOVED?



Aditi poudel

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