To the god who gave me sound!

6:00 pm on the clock and I started wandering around. I looked at my hands. Dry enough made me feel write something down. As I sat down to write a few things, I started feeling tense. The vehicles were running so quickly, I could hear the dog barking next door, The children laughing, and the cold wind moving my windows curtains. Sitting alone in a chair, hearing everything, I realized I was in silence, which means I was able to shut myself down and learn or observe what’s happening around me. And what I felt was sound and how stunning is the sound itself. To everything I could hear, and perhaps the sound produced at different places and by different people was so clear in fact it didn’t mix up at all. I can hear the girl's gossip or the bike start up the engine simultaneously and very clear without one interpreting the other.

Either it is the sound at the busy road or the sound at the edge of a pond. Sound always leaves us mesmerized, and yet we don’t reckon why and how wonderful it is. From the sound of the yelling man to the sound of the giggling kids, I could hear everything and feel something, listening to the voice of my dear beloved in the early morning who lives so far away about 8000 miles, let’s say, and still go crazy over that sound. From what I hear to how I feel, it’s all in intensity and how great the sound is.

A man can produce sound either talk, scream or even sing and hear the sound as well. The communication starts only due to sound what makes it able to. The everyday communication we have with almost anyone who is a part of our life seems normal only because we can utilize what we hear.

To the one incident I have encountered in my old village somewhere in the hills and valley, there is a man whose identity is unknown to me, but my family members are familiar to. I was with my mom and dad, who had known him before, and when he saw them, he smiled and did a NAMASTE by joining his hands. He couldn’t speak properly, the only blabber, and It was hard to understand him. He asked my parents how they were and how much I have grown up till now. His eyes then wavered as he blessed my parents a perfect life, and all I saw that time was him, who was living alone under the roof made of soil. He was living alone, and no one was around him, and still, he expressed his love and wished for my family to be happy. It really made me cry but I couldn’t as I was around my parents. It was late night already, and It was my 21st birthday as well.

And hence I thank god for whatever I could hear and what it makes me feel. When I listen to my loved one speak and talk back, I know I am complete and blessed with whatever I had. Some people cannot hear, but the world is changing, and I hope they can take one day. I hope they could talk and tell the whole world what their favorite food is s their favorite colors, the definition of life according to them, and what happened last day!



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