Would you believe it if I tell you A day is just like our Life?

Aditi poudel
3 min readApr 28, 2021

Look at a day- look how it is made; it is made of 60 seconds in 1 minute and 60 minutes in 1 hour. Total 24 hours complete a day, and on looking further, you would know, it seems somehow similar to human life. The most prominent time of the day includes sunrise and sunset that could symbolize birth and death. The first hours before sunrise in my eyes is when an infant spends in its mother's womb. The dawn represents the birth of a child, and the time after that till 9 am like childhood.
The timestamp after that represents teenage ending at noon, and then you start your adulthood—the time before sunset could describe the aging process. You can't go back to a time or stop at the moment, you will slowly grow old, and as the sunset, the darkness fills up the sky like the sand cover your grave on the outside. The day could be the best explanation of the process of life. See how the day passes and look at yourself, and you could feel the rush inside your heart as it realizes the intensity of connection between a life and a day. Rather than this could I look up and say just like us, a day like any day is completing its lifecycle, It starts and ends. There is much time between the intervals where sequences of events occur, just like in our life. The hours, minutes and seconds make up the whole day, just like we humans are made up of tissues and systems. So what's the difference between us? A human being a living thing, and a day, perhaps a nonliving thing, seems so familiar in different ways. So can we refer to the day as a living thing too? since it is completing itself.

and she writes her pains and sorrow
in a paper she holds
she whispers the magic of love
and the tales told before.’
she adds words one after another
like she knows what life is
she says life is like a day
made up of seconds, minutes and hours__
the dawn for the infant
and time before as embryo
then afterward, as the youth

Maybe a tree, you grow a plant from seed. The seed needs enough sunlight, minerals, water and more to grow into a fine tree. It will grow slowly and will stretch its roots and grow its leaves. And one day, it will turn old and brown, and it will no longer live.

So If someone asks me what life is, I will say- Life is a series of answers. We create our thoughts and learn to live with them. In a way, the thirst for wisdom is quenched with the solutions we obtain when we look for the answers beneath our hearts, minds, and souls.



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