Yes, she will be loved!

Aditi poudel
3 min readFeb 11, 2021

Let's close our eyes and not see the dark side of every sight,

try a new way to find something that is simply beautiful

in the way, they are made and work within

as there is so much love emerging even in the middle of the night!

When the confusion starts to take shape in her mind, she becomes stiff and lays in the bed for a time. She moves her small middle-length hair with her fingers and closes her eyes. The slow sight of eyes now looks so beautiful as she has beautiful eyes. The lashes blink in a second as if she could feel the universe is light, and there she captures the galaxy and stars in the darkness that the eyes brought in her sight. “Oh god, what a fool I was; I couldn’t see what was in front of my eyes. Oh heavenly god, sorry for what I thought this night. “ Now she ponders into what she saw. In fact, she saw a tiny beam of light in her small eyes that grew darker for sure but acted as a canvas that colored itself in the dark with small white pigment, which is the nonetheless little star at night.

Now she clears her mind and speaks to herself with inner peace and kind “Yes! you will be loved when you treat yourself right”. On her side, the answer is now when she finally realized the love that every individual seeks is self-love. Reminder: not every self-love should be selfish or full of greed; instead, it should be filled with charm and wiseness. Learning to fly high, high in the ask with your own strength, and remember that you must not bring anyone down to climb the ladder. You should be strong enough without pulling who is in front and pushing who is in the back. The thoughts are now more apparent in her head as she realizes kindness is the mother of care, and care tends to bring love nurturing us with life so beautiful we all got. Indeed, people are gonna pull you down while some may accuse you of so many things you have never done or maybe blame you for what they feel just because of you.

The grumpy face is no longer existing there as she shines and smiles with joy all over her heart, and she says,” Everything happens for a reason, and we must seek the cause.” Then she smiles and numbles beauty for a reason. Then in her PJ’s, he jumps and screams,” Yeah! I will be loved. She is gonna get loved, La La La, she will be loved, and she dances along with the rhythm of the song she began to sing. Turning over the diary, she wrote most of her time; she finally knew she didn’t require a tall, dark and handsome prince who will come into her life riding a horse and take her far away with him. That’s not the only way a pretty girl would be loved because even though he has her prince by the side and doesn’t love herself, then all love is in vain. There would be no pain you will be receding when you love yourself. Take yourself through walks, buy the stuff you like, dress in your favorite color, know which color suits you more, and what your favorite food you couldn’t give up. Have a little conversation with yourself and observe yourself; only you will know you: the real you. The journey then would be called self-realization, and then no longer would you question your existence. And then not only the previous girl but also you would be loved, Yes! YOU WILL BE LOVED.



Aditi poudel

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