Look at a day- look how it is made; it is made of 60 seconds in 1 minute and 60 minutes in 1 hour. Total 24 hours complete a day, and on looking further, you would know, it seems somehow similar to human life. The most prominent time of the day includes sunrise and sunset that could symbolize birth and death. The first hours before sunrise in my eyes is when an infant spends in its mother's womb. The dawn represents the birth of a child, and the time after that till 9 am like childhood.
The timestamp after that…

It was late winter night at around 7:10 PM when I left the school after the coaching class. As I headed towards my home, two little sixth grader girls adjoin me side by side as they used to walk back home with their new teacher, who was me.

As we got a little down from the school’s road, one of the girls waved at the two people who were waiting for her. It was her mom and her little brother. As we were walking, the little boy asked her sister who I was, but it surprised me because I didn’t…

Down on the road, people are walking along with the cart they own filled with few vegetables. Some seem green and fresh, and some looked pale as if it was moved around and checked by several other people trying to get themselves the best one from the lot. It is a sunny day with the sun too bright, which shall make you feel like you were kept in a low flame boiling pot. But still, they push their cart and follow the path that lies ahead of them. Then they call out to reach out to people trying to speak…

6:00 pm on the clock and I started wandering around. I looked at my hands. Dry enough made me feel write something down. As I sat down to write a few things, I started feeling tense. The vehicles were running so quickly, I could hear the dog barking next door, The children laughing, and the cold wind moving my windows curtains. Sitting alone in a chair, hearing everything, I realized I was in silence, which means I was able to shut myself down and learn or observe what’s happening around me. And what I felt was sound and how stunning…

Love when the terms come up it lightens up everything the sky that bright and blue the other day will be prettier when you have love in your heart, the sound of the rain you heard yesterday will warm your heart the wind that screwed your hair and made you feel cold something makes you smile. Everybody cherishes love, and yet they don’t understand what it actually means. The word carries a hundred meanings and yet is never understood. People say they are in love so mad. But do you really understand? The lovers in the park or the couple…

Let's close our eyes and not see the dark side of every sight,

try a new way to find something that is simply beautiful

in the way, they are made and work within

as there is so much love emerging even in the middle of the night!

When the confusion starts to take shape in her mind, she becomes stiff and lays in the bed for a time. She moves her small middle-length hair with her fingers and closes her eyes. The slow sight of eyes now looks so beautiful as she has beautiful eyes. The lashes blink in a…

Through the shadow through the light,

a girl pass by, wondering what life is

as she never heard the word in her time

gazing through the moon in the dark blue night!

The thoughts are now not so old and not so fresh as they are the old mixture of everything she had in her mind. The songs are old that she tunes by because she finds the soul hidden inside the old songs that once were sung in the present with feelings of love and pride. There is so much warmth in the flower she passes by the pink…

What if the difference between what we see and what we feel has a fine line of separation. A lot of things around us make us feel something and often lead to some desirable memories. We connect with every object around us: the world sure consists of artificial and natural objects meaning that we love what is already given to us, including what we created. The tendency to know and have something in the palm of your hands is sure to demand every human for centuries.

Either it’s tangible or intangible, we humans want all: what about the emotions and…

Never was I a good decision maker: always lost in what to do, ending in what must not be done. To this age, maybe there have been 5 years of some decision-making interval throughout, which I guess I failed. I was not able to do anything because I didn’t know what I could do. I didn’t know the list of things was longer than what I knew but wait a minute still at that moment. I was not capable of knowing what I want and what I don’t. There was a fine line of confusion between what I wanted to…

The hunt to know who I am
It is still going on

When life turns In a way
Nobody expected before
Who am I is a question no more
Though the phase is still going on
I do struggle a lot to keep
What I want and need for me
The universe may know about me.
What I ever could be
Something parallel on the other side
Maybe there’s nothing left to hide.
And sometimes I wonder what I could be!

Aditi poudel

“Pashmina shawl around my neck, I fancy Jewelries and arts”; I look out from carved wooden windows — Near the AnkhiJhyal: https://www.aditipoudel.com.np/

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